Since 1996, San Cristobal Coffee Importers has been working with coffee growers in Nayarit, Mexico developing sustainable sources and equitable marketing structure for quality coffee.

      San Cristobal Coffee Importers is a full-service coffee broker and importer specializing in high quality, unique coffees and personal service. We help our roaster customers improve their efficiency by offering the opportunity to outsource their green coffee purchases, inventory management services, and logistics for smooth and trouble-free coffee delivery.
      Based on quality and sustainability, our strengths are our service and our stable sources of green coffee. We import our own coffee and our strong relationships with other origin brokers and exporters allow us to supply our customers with any coffee they need, when they need it; from one bag to several containers.
      Our coffee quality control associate in Mexico, Cafes Sustentables de Mexico, S.A. de C.V, has it's own mill and we both work directly with the Mexican Cooperatives. The company is the developer and fabricator of the FincaLab coffee quality control system and has been using it since 2003 to help our producer associates produce and export consistent quality, fully traceable coffee with bar codes and serial numbers on every bag.

      More information about the communities with whom we work in Mexico.
      More information about our associate, Cafes Sustentables de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

      You may already be familiar with our Malinal coffees from Nayarit. We have grown enormously since starting to work with the cooperative at El Malinal in 1996. We are now working with 13 cooperatives having a total of more than 400 producer members. As more producers ask to work with us, we help them to incorporate and develop new cooperatives.. We have introduced an expanded trademark, Terruno Nayarita to better serve the broad base of coffee growers and give each of them an opportunity for recognition for their finest coffees: Reserva Terruno Nayarita. Each bag of Reserva Terruno Nayarita bears the name of the community/cooperative that produced it.

Our unique extended bar code convention is used to identify and track every bag of coffee with origin in Terruno Nayarita. To learn how you can track your bag from the barcode...
     Read how it works!

      Our mission is to provide fine green coffees from all origins; to identify quality coffees around the world; and to engender sustainability by assisting growers in producing quality coffees year after year. If you are looking for a broker who knows great coffee and will be a partner in helping you grow your business and your reputation, you've come to the right place.
      James Kosalos, president of San Cristobal Coffee Importers and majority partner in Cafés Sustentables de México, is a geophysicist from Wisconsin who has been using his scientific background to help Mexican coffee producers. He is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America's Technical Standards committee and an SCAA certified Cupping Judge who has introduced SCAA/CQI quality standards to small producers in Nayarit, Mexico.
      Devorah Zeitlin, general manager of San Cristobal Coffee Importers, is a native of Brooklyn who received a degree in public health from Tulane University in Louisiana. Her Peace Corps assignment took her to Nepal where she worked with farmers under the auspices of the Nepali Department of Agriculture. She worked in Washington, DC, to help develop Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazardous waste regulations before moving to Seattle in the early 1990s.
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